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Marlau;41755 wrote: Can someone please tell me what foods are one stage 1, and what should be limited to stage 2 & 3? For instance, beans are on the list for the diet on the web site, but I know we should not eat them until stage 2. What other foods are on stage 2 & 3?

Hello, Marlau, did you misplace the link to the forum’s strict diet which I sent you about two weeks ago? If you did, just request it again and I’ll resend it.

If you’ll look at the food list for stage 1, you’ll know which foods are allowed. If a food is not on the list for stage 1, then it isn’t recommended. The foods that are eaten on stage 2 and 3 are on the same link as the strict diet; just scroll to the bottom of the page beneath stage 1.


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