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Like you, Mstewart, I find that this diet makes it very hard to enjoy family gatherings as much. The hardest thing for me is explaining to people why I am not eating a piece of cake (or whatever bad food is provided). I think for some, it is a surprise to see me not eating any because EVERYONE else is. And maybe a part of them feels guilty because they are eating some and I am not. I hear a lot of “you have a lot of willpower” and “you are such a health eater”.

I find that it is much easier if you explain to your close family and friends what you are doing. I was very surprised at how helpful my husband was when I finally told him what I thought was happening with me. My family has also been patient with me and for that I am very thankful. I think for a lot of people, the concept of candida is very hard for them to grasp because most doctors deny it. I have had some friends ask me why I am doing this to myself (eating so healthy) if a doctor didn’t suggest it.

I have gotten into the habit of trying to bring something that I can eat to a family function. I share it with my family, and that way I have something I can eat as well. It helps with the questions at least. And if you bring something really yummy, family and friends might consider a healthier options instead. For example, I made mashed cauliflower for Thanksgiving instead of using potatoes. It went over pretty well with my family.

This diet is a HUGE change from the way society currently eats…and for that it is often hard. But maybe sometime in the future more knowledge of candida will get out and more will consider healthy options instead of carbs and sugar.

Also, many of us picked the hardest time of year to stick with the diet. I started in late September…shortly before Halloween…then Thanksgiving, and now Christmas and New Years. But it is also forcing us to make a lifestyle change for the long term. If we can make it through the holiday season, then we can make it any time of the year. 🙂

Might check out the recipe section. There are some interesting “fake” recipes for common things that are provided at family gatherings.