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dvjorge wrote: Hi members,
I would like some of you describe what symptoms you get when you react to some food. Specially, the immediate symptoms. This is going to help me to realize the origin of some symptoms I have. Please, describe your symptoms.

Another thing, are you limited with plain yogurt ?? How many cups a day ??


Hi Jorge, that’s a cool post. I was confused big time about the symptom business.
My symptoms rotate and that is very confusing.

Here is my entire list and then I will write down how they operate when it gets a bit wild.

It started years back with itching eyes. Next I developed a terrible itch around the anus. Then I got round red skin irritations on my shin it stayed for a year then healed only to start on the food again. Healed again then moved to the other shin. The entire process was going for some years. Stomach pain, like someone pressing a thump under my navel not very painful but really annoying. Diarrhoea and constipation back and forth dance. Pain in my muscles and joints started developing noticed that they are worse if I eat rye bread. When I stopped eating it I felt better. I lived with that for years and got used to it but then it grew worse I developed a strange sensation that I could not hold my pee, like I would need to go to toilet all the time but not much happened only I was left with a feeling I soon piss in my trouser. That worried me a great deal as it was in connection with stomach pain and that terrible itching anus.

I went to the doctor to have my prostate checked, nothing there. I then started another candida diet where I was mainly eating meat and fat avoiding carbs. In the beginning I felt great. Anus itching disappeared and the muscle tensions I suffered from too. I had for years a heavy feeling in my body and not much condition either.
I felt much lighter and having more power. Then suddenly I woke up in the middle of night with a feeling of dying. My blood was boiling, or a feeling of running ants under my skin, some people describe it as electrical tingling running through the entire body. Hear palpations started so much that I thought I am having a heart attack. Then I noticed a terrible fear coming over me. I said to myself oh, that is what a panic attack is. I have a panic attack.

I then was desperate. I didn’t know what this was and found Able and the forum. He explained to me about ammonium etc and I started the diet two month ago.

In two month now I didn’t eat chicken or meat, only wild salmon twice a week. Now at Christmas I had some and first I didn’t notice a thing. I felt great. Went to bed and woke up the next morning. On the empty stomach I had a probiotic and one hour later it started with heart palpations, running ants under the skin, terrible anus itching, panic coming but I caught it with my mind and it eased up. Heavyness and pain in the muscles, dizzy-ness, short of breath.

When I eat garlic, I get dizzy, heart palpation, muscle pain and stomach pain, diarrhoea. When I eat citron I have the same problems but much more anus itching.

What is wired that I had 3 days where I had Kefir and felt great, then I got a reaction to Kefir and Yogurt with muscle pain, dizziness, anus itching, heart palpations.

Then now and then out of the blue i get that stupid pee feeling, like I would be squirting in my pants, so I cramp up to hold something. It feels like someone tickling my bladder and I don’t want that. Ahh I forgot about eye, finger and muscle twitching. Sometimes I wake up with cramps in my calves. Cold hands and a feeling of seasickness attacks me sometimes without notice or meaning.

When I had the chicken two days after I suffered from a feeling of having eaten too much with a slide feeling of having to throw up, mixed with some dizziness.

One of these sympthoms are always with me. I had some hours without sympthoms but then it swings back and forth between lite, annoying and hard sympthoms.