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I’d describe it as the “burn” where your skin burns like it has a rugburn or similar to a chinese or indian burn.

The chinese or indian burn can best be described as the following:

Known primarily as an “Indian burn” or “Chinese burn” in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, “buffalo skin” in India, “snake bite” or “Indian rub” in Canada, an “Indian sunburn” or “Indian rug burn” in the United States (except in some midwest states such as Wisconsin where it is known as a snakebite), “Indian burn” in France, “policeman’s glove” or “hundred needles” in Hungary, “barbed wire” in the Netherlands, “needles” in Bulgaria and “Brennessel” (“stinging nettle”) in Austria and the southern parts of Germany, “thousand needle stings” in the northern parts of Germany, “thousand needles” in Sweden, “Nettle” in Poland and Russia, “French Cuff” in Denmark, “kuuma makkara” in Finland, this is a prank done by grasping the victim’s forearm firmly in both hands, and then twisting the hands in opposite directions about the victim’s arm, causing the tender skin to stretch, making it red and sore.

I used to hyperventilate when I ate foods not on the allowed foods list and this can be described as the following symptoms:

◦A feeling of being outside yourself
◦Seeing images that aren’t there
◦Numbness and tingling (usually in both arms or around the mouth)
◦Spasms or cramps of the hands and feet
◦Muscle twitching
◦Chest pains or tenderness
◦Shortness of breath

I also get a lot of ammonia production aka bloating or passing gas. I use a vitamin/supplement called zypan which reduces or completely eliminates this symptom after eating protein.

Additionally, I sometimes used to get headaches, brain fog, and tremors.

Now that I am rather healthy, my only symptom other than the burn or palpitations is a “head change” feeling like a “click” in my brain. Its just my body letting me know that it doesn’t like whatever I am eating.