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K so I need to choose 2 more antifungals the price of food grade peroxide isn’t cheap I think its around 20$ a bottle or is their anything I need to know bout capriylic acid pills?

I’m not diabetic really but I am borderline so was on a low dose Med that lowers blood sugar. I didn’t know coconut oil helpd that that’s interesting , I love it really not sumthing I could do without but I like to melt it and drink it or douce with it sumtimes I will swish or just swallow sum LOL. But it does give me bad die off so I toned down from 3 tbs to 1 a day. I’ve been giving sum to my daughter for thrush but haven’t notice improvement yet she dosent like it spits it out sumtime.

The diet has been very hard 4 me cravings, die off, feeling depressed and weak oh the list goes on but I’m not gonna give up, I’m on day 7 been being good! Only ate a green apple and a lil blue berries but nuthin to bad. I been eating alot of chicken and eggs, rutabaga, Brussels sproat, green beans, brocclolli and avocado, garlic I try to use in almost everything.

I go thru a big loaf of coconut cake in like 4 days eating 2 or 3 pieces a day my baby will almost always eat sum to. Kinda can’t eat anything without her ambushing me 4 it LOL but I make it different each time eat seems I been trying not 2 use so many eggs so I use alot of unsweetened coconut milk or plain yougurt in it and put stevia