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hope4eva77;35033 wrote: Able im not trying to rack up a bunch of antifungals but wanted a replacement if i decided not to take so much coconut oil right now all i have is coconut oil and garlic ,i think we should have 3 or 4 antifungals right ? i plan on drinking kefir soon cant wait and got sum renew life proboitics 50 billion taken twice a day

I know you’re not trying to ‘rack up a lot of antifungals,” Hope. I wrote the post because, like a lot of the members during these bad economical times, you’ve mentioned not being able to afford something several times on the forum, and I doubt that food grade hydrogen peroxide would be one of the more affordable antifungals.

You should stick with coconut oil even if you stop raising the amount. The Candida can’t adapt to coconut oil, and as I’ve already mentioned, coconut oil has more than one use. It’s beneficial to the flora you’re trying to reestablish in the intestines, and it destroys lipid-coated bacteria which cause diseases, plus, coconut oil helps to rebuild the immune system which is absolutely necessary in order to cure the infestation. In other words, its value to a Candida infestation treatment is priceless.

In addition to the positive factors above of coconut oil; it sounds like you’re telling us that you’re either diabetic or have type 2 diabetes? Coconut oil is a big plus for a diabetic diet, and research shows that, if used correctly with a diet, it actually has the ability to reverse type 2 diabetes.

All you really need in addition to the coconut oil is two more antifungals to rotate because you’re using the antifungal foods such as Brussels sprouts and rutabaga as antifungals. Caprylic acid capsules are quite affordable; rotating garlic pills and Caprylic acid along with eating the antifungal foods is enough antifungals, especially considering your post on taking it slow because of die-off.

Like Shay, I believe that if you remain on the diet you will eventually start to lose weight, regardless of the coconut oil. Everyone I’ve seen on the diet does eventually … that is unless they eat abnormal amounts of the bread recipes or foods that aren’t on the diet, which I guess you’ve done according to your posts. So the truth is, if you continue to eat foods that aren’t on the diet, you may not lose weight the way someone on the diet would.