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Yeah, I’ve done it. I’m sure you’ll find a few different protocols for it online. You should be putting it into distilled water. Do it on a completely empty stomach. And then wait at least an hour before eating. It would make me very nauseas if I ate too soon after. I kept pushing it to find the boundaries. I think most of the protocols say 15 drops in a large glass of water( I was using 35%, so of course the drops depend on the concentration). But I’ll tell you this, if you do a whole teaspoon, you will burn your stomach! ha. that’s painful experience talking. But you can work up gradually to the 15 drops, and I never had a problem with that. But it does still taste/smell very weird. And I just got tired of doing it. Follow the protocols and you’ll be fine. Be sure you buy food grade- the regular stuff is toxic. I bought mine at a health food store. I keep mine in a bag in the fridge, with a little dropper. It tends to sweat. Also, rinse your hands after handling. It can burn you a bit- but not instantly- only if left on your skin for a while. I don’t know how effective it was at lowering my candida. But I was not on a very good candida diet when I was still drinking it. So, can’t really tell you if it was effective.
I still add 10 drops to my large water filter every time I fill it up. I put 2 drops in my neti pot, when I start getting any kind of sinus congestion. And, I combine it with colloidal silver in a Nebulizer, to inhale it right down into the lungs! I try to do that twice a day. I can tell you that is absolutely effective when used these ways, to eliminate germs. So I’m inclined to think it would be killing candida, as long as it’s getting past the stomach.
I’d also done a couple of h202 IV treatments at a clinic in Philly. But that got expensive.