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Tsunny;39473 wrote: I have been on fluconazole a couple times in previous months and it seems to help but the dosage is not enough. Its always been 100mg/day for 30 days then the last prescription I alternated 100mg one day then 200mg the next for 2 weeks. My doctor will probably give me the dosage this forum suggests. My symptoms are not totally severe but I cheated on diet a few times since Christmas and have mild symptoms of brain-fog, weird skin (kind of wrinkly and dry looking) I call it yeast skin. Also sinus pressure and ear ringing (waiting to order SF722). My question is what is a good dosage for digestive yeast (positive esophageal biopsy)? The 100mg what they prescribed is not doing it. I been on diet since last June and do all what forum suggests (except the cheating;()

The standard dose is 200 mg a day. However, Diflucan has a very low impact on the yeast colonies living in the gut lumen. It won’t touch it. So, if you overgrowth is intestinal, you need something non-absorbed that target the fungus living in the lumen.

Since these fungal colonies living in the lumen generates enough metabolites to manipulate your immune system, Diflucan won’t be able to eradicate yeast focus around the body since the immune system is required for it.

People with CRC need Diflucan plus an non-systemic drug long term. Let say 3 or 4 months and to respect an anticandida diet.

I hope this help.