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s.;58072 wrote: Hey dvjorge, et al. It’s been a long time. I have an active c diff infection now 🙁 I’m trying Florastor. I cannot stay awake. Extremely tired and don’t feel too good on it. Have you heard anyone say this? I do not have a yeast allergy that I’m aware of, but it seems like I may have developed one? I called Florastor and talked to their pharmacist. This is what he said: “I have never heard of this before, ever. Talk to your doctor.” hahahaha I know there must be others. Just inquiring with you because you have more experience with Florastor or SB from both your own experimentation and hearing from others. Any thoughts would be appreciated. This does not feel like normal candida die off that I remember…….NOt sure what my candida levels are at the moment.

I don’t believe it is an allergy. You need to give it more time to see if the symptoms subside.