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goingnatural wrote: Are flavored waters with two ingredients: carbonated water and natural flavors okay on the diet? The soda I saw says raspberry and cranberry flavored.

Carbohated water isn’t exactly ‘going natural’ is it, GN?

To make any type of carbonated liquid, carbon dioxide gas must be used. The procedure is accomplished by allowing the gas to dissolve in large vats of the liquid. Carbon dioxide is nothing but a waste product, in other words, it’s just one more toxin to add to the dangerous toxins that the Candida are producing plus giving the liver and the body in general more toxins to deal with. Another problem the carbonation presents is, when any amount of water is used in the mix, this forms carbonic acid which is known to deplete minerals from the teeth and bones.

What type of sweetener does the soda contain?

If you stick with water, you’ll eventually get so used to it that you’ll forget about all other drinks.