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Hello, Katy.

Quote: “Also are there certain vitamins that particularly aid in combating Candida overgrowth?”

The simple answer to that is, the human body will have a problem fighting any illness (or infestation) unless it is supplied with the right tools. The ‘right’ tools are plenty of necessary nutrients and a strong immune system.
A deficiency of certain vitamins were found to be quite common in people with Candida, some of the vitamins are; calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin K, biotin, iron, plus Candida disrupts the metabolism of vitamin B6 so more than the regular MDR would be needed with a Candida infestation. However, there is no way of knowing whether these people were deficient in the vitamins before they contracted Candida, or if they became deficient because of the Candida infestation. But one thing that this fact says is that all vitamins are needed in higher than normal amounts in order to fight Candida.

One of the biggest problems with Candida sufferers is a sluggish immune system. A lot of medical researchers believe that, generally speaking, Candida is an opportunistic in that it will only attack a person with a low acting immune system. Basically all vitamins are needed in order to have an immune system which can fight off diseases and pathogens such as yeast.

As far as ginger tea is concerned, it should work well providing you have at least three cups a day.

I looked at the link you sent with the oil of oregano. This is by far the best choice, but as you can see by the price, it’s quite expensive.
If you wish to try the other one, it’s probably fine.

You’re right in thinking that a change in atmosphere could cause dizziness.

Quote: “is it (vitamins) very necessary while treating Candida? I ask because I believe Candida inhibits your absorption of nutrients and so if this is the case supplementing won’t make a difference..”

First of all Candida doesn’t inhibit the absorption of “all” vitamins. Second, the fact that Candida inhibits the absorption of some nutrients only proves that you need more than what is normal without the infestation. You can’t fight Candida without a healthy immune system, and your immune system cannot be in a healthy condition without the proper nutrients.