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My wife had Atopic dermatitis. The doctors said that it is genetic and she has to learn to live with it. But it was not true. Today she is 100 percent healed because of a food elimination diet we did for her in two years.

Now to your question how fast can the skin explode into a rash and worse.
Seconds and minutes, sometimes some hours or the next day. We noticed that after her skin was healing up that a “wrong” kind of food like the first time she tried tomato again gave her a strange feeling in the mouth first then some minutes later the skin started turning red and we wrote down that tomato is a no no on the list. I don’t remember when she could have tomatoes again but I think it was a year or so.

She reacted to nearly everything except, potatoes and boiled squash. Then after a while some month she was able to have butter on top and she felt like a king, then cucumber etc. Slowly building it up. Making a mistake, stepping back, picking it up and on and on it goes.

About you guy fighting. Well, thats natural because of the stress and you really dont want to do it if you look deeper into your hearts. You want peace and love. But there is another force in us, the world of illusion wanting to be right. You cant have both if you choose to be right and the other too you will have war. A nation fighting each other will be divided. A body fighting itself is suffering or will die. You are free people, if you want to suffer go on but if you choose to enjoy life and love and have strength to help you child.

You should consider changing your wanting to be right to a wanting to have peace.

all the best to your family