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raster wrote: I would try out oat bran and miracle fibar (aka inulin). Miracle fiber heals leaky gut and you can add to many of your foods.

Raster, do you know where the oat bran = good idea comes from originally? I ask because I’ve seen a few studies recently comparing different kinds of fibre, and oat bran and other brans/grains always come bottom of the class. In one measuring stool weight, carrots were more than three times as effective. I think the polysaccharides are too complex for the gut flora to digest well. Dr. Ayers doesn’t speak favourable of oat and rice bran either.

Dr. Ayers wrote: It is hard for me to have a balanced evaluation of brans. They are excessively hyped for their benefits and their problems are avoided. Most people like oat bran, because it encourages them to overeat starches. I don’t consider oats to be nutritious and they are bad choices for breakfast, because of their high starch content.

The insoluble beta-glucans, I consider to be medicinal, i.e. potentially unhealthy because they are inflammatory (“stimulate the immune system”). They can be used to improve the performance of vaccines, for example, because they heighten inflammation that is conducive to aggressive antibody production. This is not something that would normally be healthful, because it also contributes to autoimmune disease. Stimulating the immune system is not normally healthful. At the same time, blocking immune reactions is also only appropriate in emergencies, e.g. anaphylatic shock or cytokine storm.

Bran can be considered to be modestly prebiotic, because your gut flora can learn to digest some portions of the polysaccharides, but I think that as the repository of the defensive molecules responsible for protecting seeds against pathogens, brans of all types are more toxic than healthful.