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1. The website states that alkalinity is worse than acidity in the digestive system, as this suits the Candida. However, won’t the cleanse phase – vegetables, bentonite, etc. – encourage a strong alkaline environment?

Don’t worry about a cleanse causing an alkaline environment because it won’t make a difference. At any rate, the benefits of a cleanse “Far” outweigh the possibility an any alkalinity taking place. You’ll see the results of a cleanse in the die-off you experience if you don’t protect your body from the toxins.

2. I made the (common) mistake of buying Swedish bitters suspended in some alcohol. But, if I am only dropping it on my tongue, does this matter? (My understanding is that I don’t actually have to ingest the bitters to derive benefit from them.)

Anything that’s rubbed into the skin or placed in the mouth ends up in the bloodstream. You’ll just have to watch for Candida symptoms growing worse, and if this happens, I would discontinue the bitters containing alcohol.