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Hi Yeastygut,

It’s from “The idiot’s guide to fermenting”.

Science is not my forté, so I’m not totally clear on how it works. I may know more then most so I’ll try to explain.

Most Lacto ferments start with a salt water brine, it’s the salt water that will kill the molds and fungus, only allowing the good guys (Lactobacillus) to survive, then the good guys eat the sugars in the food to be fermented and turns the sugars into Lactic Acid. (the same magic lactic acid in coconut oil!)

I suspect the problem is that there’s no salt involved in the nut butter recipe. Maybe I will try soaking my raw almonds in heavily salted water for a while first.

Maybe someone can school all of us on the ferment process, I’m certainly not an expert, I’ve only read the idiot’s guide!

I found this recipe online:

If you have access to organic, soaked, and sprouted almond butter, try fermenting it! Fermented almond butter is wonderful alternative to sour cream and can be used as a creamy element to many savory dips and dressings. Fermented almond butter can also be added to smoothies.
To make fermented almond butter: add a small amount of coconut water kefir to organic, soaked, and sprouted almond butter, about 1 oz. to 4 oz. respectively and allow to culture. When it is ready, similar to fermented coconut meat, you will notice that the almond butter has expanded with air bubbles and tastes slightly sour.