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momela wrote: 5-7 years ago I started to have frequently recurring yeast infections. Today, I can barely have a night with my husband without an infection flaring up as soon as the next day. It doesn’t even have to be after having sex, I can get stressed out, lose a few nights of sleep, or get another illness and then have a flare up. Mostly though I am concerned that I can barely have a sexual relationship with my husband without having to worry about this happening.

I started (about 4 years ago) working on getting regular sleep and adjusting my stress level. At the time I took anxiety medication and no longer am, but my stress level is far more under control. I exercise daily by walking with my daughter and dog at least once, and we also go on hikes and have used our pool for swimming a few times this summer.

More recently I read about the Candida Diet and have started adjusting my diet slowly. I still breastfeed my 11mo daughter and am approaching this diet cautiously. Mainly I have cut out sugary beverages and desserts and am learning and studying nutrition labels all the time to look for lower-sugar options. It is difficult for me but I am determined…I would feel better knowing that someone out there has been in my position and done this dieting approach with success. I can’t help but feel very disheartened at times when I feel the itch return.

Also, I use apple cider vinegar douches to clear up the infection when it starts become more noticeable. I have lost faith in prescription and over the counter treatments.

Anyone have anything to share or been in this situation? Thanks for sharing..

You probably have an acquired cell-mediated suppression caused by an underlying cause and the same presence of candida.
Until you don’t correct it, there isn’t possible solution.