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vem;30751 wrote: It’s so confusing though. In the protocol it says to pay attention to our bodies, and if we experience gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea after eating something, to discontinue the food. So how do I know if what I’m experiencing is a good or bad symptom? Do I just assume that because I usually have no problem with green veggies, tonight was an exception?

The sympthoms you described are the same sympthoms a patient has with SIBO. These are then NOT die-off but the results off bacteria fermenting carbs and fiber, the bacteria releases poisiones gas and acids while eating the fibres your intestens have a hard time digesting. Often the pain is because of gas which makes you cramp upp. If you experience less or no trouble after 3 days being on low fibre you know that there is something going on in the direction of SIBO. I would then recomment a breath test for SIBO. Before you conclude that you have Candida you have to make sure you have it. Only from the sympthoms it will not work as a lot of sicknesses have the same sympthoms. If you believe you have Candida and start fighting is by eating a low carb high fibre diet and in reality you have SIBO you will get confused. You will experience for month and month (die-off) which is actually you giving food to the bacteria and they poision you. Brainfog is the results of the lactic acids the bacteria releases into your bloodstream. Brain fog can but must not have anything to do with Candida. Then to make it even more complicated is that most people with Candida suffer too SIBO and SIBO folks have a candida problem. That makes finding a diet and a battleplan a real challange.

all the best to you