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vem;30774 wrote: Hey Thomas,

I’ve done some research and apparently the SIBO breath test is only 60% accurate. And it looks like the diets for both SIBO and candida are the same–no grains or starchy veggies, etc., and lots of probiotics. I was wondering if you had any info that I’m not finding? Somewhere else I should look?

Hi mate,
the tests are accurate if you go to the right place. You should not buy a test for home use because they are not accurate att all and I would say not even 60 percent but 100 percent. What you have to do is to find a MD or hospital to perform the test. A very good book for you is A new IBS solution from Mark Pimentel, MD he is the director of the gastrointestinal motility program at cedars-sinai medical center LA. The test has to be done that you drink a lactulose syrup. Then, every fifteen minutes over a three-hours period, they sample your breath and collect them. You have to make sure they have a QuinTron device. Because this equipment can meassure hydrogen and methane gas at the same time. A test only for hydrogen is not enough. If the times are shorter its not a good test either. It has to be right. You can go to or phone them at 800-542-4448 and call for a MD who has bought a QuinTron Instrument from them. They like to help. I got even a MD adress from them in Sweden. 😉

There is something similar but there is a big different as well in the treatment.

1. You want to kill the overproduction of bacteria. This will only help for a short time because there is a reason that you have bacteria in the wrong place. All bacteria is bad for you if they are on the wrong place. You can have a e.coli in the large intestines and its fine there but if you get it into the blood it might kill you. Bacterial growth in the small intestine appears to destroy the enzymes on the intestinal cell surface preventing carbohydrate digestion and absorption and making carbohydrates available for further fermentation. The bacteria will multiply while your cells will not get enough glucose. You body malnutrions and bacteria will release hydrogen or methangas, which will give you diarrhea or constipation if its a methangas producing bacteria. This will further drag your body down as the gases and the endotoxins of the bacteria will cause harm to your cells and immunesystem. You will get brainfog because of the lactic acid, you will get leaky gut and reations to nearly all food etc.

They kill down the bacteria with a special antibiotic: The name Rifaximin which only will affect the intestines and will not go into your blood. Then they might take a diet approach and have you eating for 10 days Vivonex, this is a elemtary diet giving your body all it need but it is pre-digested and leaves nothing to the bacteria. They die.

After that you will have to live with a diet which is similar to the candida diet but different. I recomment for you Breaking the vicious cycle intestinal health through diet by Elaine Gottschall. She teaches you about sugars and that sugars are not the same. The problem is that you dont want to have polysaccharide or disaccharide but monosccaharides are important to have. Like Honey!

there are some SIBO sufferers who benefit of pro-biotica but most do not do good on them. Quite the contrary. If you have SIBO you have already too much bacteria. There is not good or bad bacteria, the so called good bacteria turns bad in another acid environemt. So pushing in more bacteria is not a good thing.

When I was here on the diet believing I only had candida I felt at one point I would die if I continue a month longer. Its clear to me why. I lost over 30 kg, I was severly malnutritioned because of the bacteria fermenting all the pre-biotics I was eating. Like the high fibre food we have here. Then I was eating Kefir a lot and having high amounts of probiotics. It went downhill and I thought it was die-off. After several month of die-off I had to know what is wrong with me and stopped to resurge the matter.

So, yes there is somthing similar but most is not. You can test it by yourself and try to eat very little fibre or for tree day none att all. My diareer I had for several month stopped already after 3 days, my brainfog was gone too. Then when I was eating honey I didnt get brainfog or any reaction. Try to drink hot water with a tsp honey. Have a soup boiled from bone marror and put some meat in cook it 2.5 hours, sofboiling. No greens- only that and test it how it goes. Take honey as a monosaccharide, giving your cells sugar. That is digested in the first part of the small intestines. Bacteria gets nothing but your body gets power. Then the bone marrow gives you fat, the meat gives you protein and put a tsp himalaya salt into the pot and later some on your plate. There you get some minerals and sodium too.

Take a break with all the rest. No pre-biotics and no probiotics, no fibre no greens and see. If you feel better after 3 day to a week you know that there could be a other door to go through.

all the best to you
and I hope you see some light in the tunnel