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If you are feeling “awful/sick” this is very normal. Think about all of those tiny minute symptoms you’ve experienced over the last months/years and add those together and multiply it by 5. Thats how awful I felt die-off was like for me.

When I started the diet, I wasn’t expecting die-off for a few days, especially not immediately. I just didn’t think I had candida…but toxic mold poisoning. Well anyways, I was very surprised about how ill I felt; what this is is millions/billions of dead candida flooding your body and organs all at once! This means you have candida overgrowth (to be frank)!

Please read this post:

The candida wants to feed…better yet it wants a feast! What you may experience soon are strong cravings for sugar and foods not allowed on the diet. I feel this is why there is an obesity problem in America; candida wants to be fed a ton!

My die-off experience lasted 2-4 weeks. I had it real bad. It will last different time periods for different people depending on the extent of the infestation. The first week was by far the worst, and I slowly felt better as time went on. After 2 months I was symptom free and never had a die-off feeling again.

One thing you should consider if you want to lessen the symptoms is to do a steam room, sauna, hot tub, or even a hot bath. The more you sweat out those toxins, the less the die-off symptoms will effect your body. Your skin is the bodies largest organ, and it can detox your body quite easily if you allow it. You can do sauna up to 6 times a week; just don’t go for longer than 15 minutes at a time. Dr. Mcoomb’s even recommends a hot mustard to help sweat (I won’t get into this and its not recommended).

Drink plenty of water; maybe consider getting some detox (or similar tea) to flush the liver. There are other ways to help detox that I don’t even know about.

It is very similar to being very sick; mucous production, headaches, nauseau, heart palpitations, etc. The list can be very big.

In time you will feel well again, just tough it out as well as possible for now. Take days one at a time. Allow for plenty of rest/sleep.