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Vitamin A and D3 10,000/ 400 IU
Vitamin D3 10,000
SF722 6/day
calcium citrated and D3 1,000mg/1,000 IU
Liqui-kelp 4 drops per day
30 mg of Paxil

Dr. Mercola 70 billiion probiotic

Kefir 1 cup/day

I usually eat 2 eggs for breakfast with a vegetable and teff or buckwheat
Lunch 2 eggs 2 vegetables (from approved food list)
snack kefir or sour kraut
dinner 2 eggs and 2 vegetables
buckwheat or teff for snack

I’ve been taking 15-18 tsp of coconut oil and 16 drops of oil of oregano an 4-5 garlic cloves.

Last night when my throat was really sore, I did take some honey because I was in so much pain and wanted something to sooth it. It made the sore throat go away, but later I developed lots of gas and I’ve had a bm almost every time I’ve gone to the bathroom.

I’m having a lot of trouble getting protein in my diet.