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I cant thank ya’ll enough ! I am def getting a dehydrater and making sum crackers .I would of never thought of soap thats a good idea !I have been checking craigs list for grains but none in my area .What is tahini?I hope i can find it .there is a buckwheat mix i may b able to have at my local store .

I think are bills are about even or close to it ,the problem is because i have been going to the store more often and trying to buy organic certain things he wont pay for all that so it an extra bill .I have to be very careful and this ruins my choices of foods also .

I really dont know if i can take a month like this ,im suffering ,i still have a whole house to clean untop of cooking food i cant eat for them which is getting to me .I want to be strong and do this and i certaintly couldnt do it without all of u !