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There are some organic produce, mostly imports and few local produce. On green market where they sell fruits and veggies, there is no classification but I did teach my dad how to by as close as possible to organic food: if there are bugs or bites on it, it hasn’t been poisoned much 🙂 If it doesn’t look perfect, odds are it’s real and from someone’s garden 🙂 Things like that…

I live in country that was so messed up some 20 years ago and still trying to recover. Organic is not their priority. I think some kind of legal body is being formed to provide organic certification, but I’m guessing there will be few years before the get any work done. Until then, there is not much I can do and will not stress over it as it cannot be changed. When I lived in US (I was there some 14 years) I would purchase less but looked for organic first and only if I don’t find it I would perhaps purchase something else. After moving here, i had to just adjust to the local environment and it took a while to get used to it.

Here we drink water out of the faucet. I leave it out for hours to eliminate as much as possible chlorine that they put in water to make it “clean” to drink. I cannot afford bottled water, it’s rather expensive as it is not common to drink bottled water, unless you travel or something like that. Filtering water is also not common so that costs more than my pay. I just adapt as much as I can.

If I remember well from living in US, Brita is not that bad. It takes out most of the bad stuff out of the water. Even if someone says it’s not good, if it’s all you have, better that than tap water, right? If you ever have a chance to do more, do it, if not just accept what you have and do not worry about it. I remember for a while when I lived in US I drank only expensive Fiji water, but I didn’t have kids back then and could afford it. Later when I was not doing so well on my finances, I forgot about Fiji water and drank just average spring water you purchase at the grocery store.

It’s impossible to eliminate all of the toxins out of our lives. You do what you can. At least that’s what I do. I use glass containers instead of plastic, if I can. I prepare my salad at work instead of carrying it in plastic container. I have dishes there. I cook as much as possible from scratch for me and my family. Yes it takes time, but it’s much healthier so you find quick recipes that are wholesome. I try to bake for my girls as I noticed they are completely different kids when they eat home made sweets versus store bought, although they don’t eat that much and some days they are so full of healthy stuff I give them, they don’t even remember sweets, and I will not offer if they don’t ask for it. Being sick last year was actually good for my girls as with me they are constantly moving to a much healthier diet, good thing there is no husband to sabotage those efforts. Although I must say that my ex compliments on their healthy diet, but then feeds them sweets when he is around hahaha. Well he is here once a year (he returned to US after divorce) so i just close my eyes on it and don’t make a drama as we are in good relationship after divorce, for kids sake.

I noticed that stressing over these things is quite counter productive. I raise stress hormones to get healthier? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I just do what I can, and as best as I can.