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Hang there hope. I failed my first time on this diet and hopefully some of us can help you to avoid quiting the diet out of frustration. You will need to get creative with buying items you need for the diet. Remember this, you are much better off to start and continue trying to improve the diet, then to not continue it at all.

Since vegetables are such a big portion of our diet and I have been spending 2-3 times what I normally would spend on vegetables alone, I have been shopping at 3-4 different stores looking for the best deals and stocking up on items I find a great deal on something. For example, I found Sam’s club has a great deal on lemons, Avocados, Spinach, Garlic, CInnamon & a couple other items. I found Trader Joe’s carries a large line of Organic frozen Vegetables that 1/2 the price of regular priced vegetables and the quality is great.

I would also recommend creating a logbook of your progress. It really helps you focus on even minor improvements in terms of your symptoms. It helps to see on paper that even baby steps are moving you in the right direction.