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I’m happy 2 hear u are feeling better! My hubby is unsupportive but he does help with baby, I work a stressfull job in a hospital as a nurse aid, I recently cut my hrs down due to stress.

This ofcourse didn’t help my money situation but I am in alot of pain and it just got to overwhelming. Trust me girl my house is rarely spotless LOL, u know how it is I couldn’t imagine twins! I completely agree spending time and playing is more important and I make sure I find time for this, right now its very cold though so not really outside.

U know even dishes, a quick cleaning of bathroom, sweep & mop, plus getting dinner on table and laundry takes at least 2 and a half hrs and then yup u feel soo tired! I have to cook separate for myself so double duty cuz they are not on diet with me.

This is frustrating as I have to cook what I love and can’t eat it. I work the grave shift so I get up around 3 in afternoon most days so they pretty short. On days I’m off I get up around 10 am and I have much more time to spend with baby girl love those days.

Its the food that’s killing my pocket I can’t do organic eitheir that’s fukd up u don’t have the option though daamn .I can’t stand the system so fukd gmos were started here in us and Monsanto would love to take over and take out organics as a matter of fact they try all the time.

Getting into lawsuits with farmers and its disgusting! Why are there no organics there?

U are strong willd to want to stay on diet! That’s really great! I hope I can eat sum pasta and desserts eventually especially on occasions and holidays but I never plan on going back 2 my previous diet of all carbs and sugar! And few salads and veggies!

I am very scared of die off and how ill I will get I have not gone more than 2 days yet without giving in and eating something horrible! My hubby isn’t helping me much by eating like a garbage can everyday day eitheir but I will do this.

This forum is great and if not for all the inspiration and support I wouldn’t think I could do it! I love y’all 4 real!