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Your habits aren’t the best, especially with meals. For meals, I would try to eat 3-4 course meals to the point where you feel quite full afterwards. I also would cut out the beef which causes chronic constipation. Beef takes 1-2 days to digest whereas chicken and fish take hours to digest. You need to double the amount of food you eat or more.

The sunflower seeds and macadamia nuts likely are setting you back due to the amount of molds they contain. I would consider cutting these out for a period of time and re-introduce in stage 2. I would substitute with other items. I recently suggested this to my wife as well because she is on the diet.

It also sounds like you haven’t tried SF722 and HMF neuro which are the best anti-candida products I have tried essentially. SF722 causes the candida to morph from the pathogenic to non-pathogenic form and is mentioned in the protocol. HMF neuro is the only human derived probiotic on the market.

Most naturopath’s can treat candida overgrowth (also known as CRC or candida related complex). Its just a matter of whether they are effective or not.