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I’ve been waiting until my health insurance kicks in before I go and see a doctor… which is actually tomorrow!! I am planning on trying to find someone to help me. Will most or all naturopathic doctors recognize and address candidiasis?

My diet isn’t perfect, and it’s pretty boring, so don’t be too disappointed in me.
Breakfast: Oat bran w/stevia, cinnamon and a couple blueberries, raspberries and stawberries (I try to eat as little fruit as I can stand with it since I know I’m not suppose to have any).
Lunch and dinner: Chicken, beef or turkey salad with red peppers, loads of avocado, unsalted sunflower seeds, hemp oil and freshly squeezed lemon, and a large side of broiled zucchini.
Snacks: Macadamia nuts and coconut bread.

Supplements: Biotin 1000mcg, 50 billion capsule probiotic, coconut oil, molybdenum 250mg 3x daily, Nettle Leaf 2 capsules 3x daily, Vitamin C 1,000mg 1-2x daily, Vitamin B50 complex, vitamon D3 5,000IU, Vitamin E 400IU, HCL 1000mg 3x daily. I’m expecting some vitamin A in the mail tomorrow and will start that then.