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Thanks Able. Yeh, I know i’m not stupid but after all the effort I had made to do everything right… and the first new thing I introduce is wine?!! Doesn’t sound too bright does it?

Please don’t feel that it was your “fault” in any shape or size… I’m a grown woman who should have known better! I do kind of wish you’d said “oooh, 5 weeks is a bit soon, hold tough for another while” and I expected you to really. But I was feeling so good that I felt invincible and probably wouldn’t have listened to you anyway!!

I really don’t have a problem with staying fully on the restricted diet for as long as it takes.

As for your suggestions – I had organic natural greek yoghurt a few weeks back before I found the kefir but only a tiny bit. I don’t know if it caused a reaction because I had various symptoms still going on. I might try it again thanks… but not until I’m completely fine again. I’ll try the apple too but it goes against the grain because I’d been avoiding all fruits for so long now.

Right – off to feed & bathe kids early so I can escape to the sauna for an hour later and berate myself in peace haha!!