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Lets just look at this is a hard lesson to learn. Drinking has been the number one thing I wanted to do this whole time, but I know it is the most poisoneous thing I could possibly do other than taking psychadelic mushrooms. I would add alcohol last behind wheat/grains, dairy, etc.

The skin is the bodies largest organ, and it sounds like it is detoxing the toxins from your body. This is good because it shows that your organs are not heavily damaged enough to not “carry the load.” You could get worse reactions than this, let me tell you!

Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids) is great for the skin and I highly recommend taking some to help get over the skin problem.

I would wait as long as possible to drink again; it could be apart of the reason you got candida in the first place. I am highly considering drinking new years myself after doing the diet for 6 months, but am reluctant because I don’t want to feel bad as well. I might just wait another year…