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Lucylu wrote: Stupid stupid stupid… have I mentioned how stupid I feel?!!!
It’s a new week. It’s a learning curve. I’ve learned my lesson. Dammit!!!

Hi, Lucy.

And, as unfortunate as it is, Lucy, that’s exactly the way you have to see this, “a learned lesson.”

Five weeks really isn’t so ridiculous that someone can’t at least try something very mild in the way of new foods, just not alcohol, sugar, wheat, sugary fruit, or starch. Doesn’t leave much, right? But the next time you’re tempted with alcohol in any form, keep in mind what it’s made of and how it’s made. It’s fermented, but what it’s fermented with is the problem; that’s done by using yeast and sugar. The process breaks the sugar down into ethanol and carbon dioxide. So you end up with mixture of yeast, sugar, ethanol and carbon dioxide in your body; the last two named are toxins which will poison the body the same as the Candida are doing.

On the other hand, five weeks is really very early to put ‘anything’ in your body that can possibly endanger the treatment. But if I had told you please, don’t try “ANYTHING” new yet, no one including you would have believed me and just thought, “Oh that Able, there he goes being overly cautious again as usual.” And I also realize that just seeing me hum the same song with the same lyrics over and over begins to sound, well, unreal and a bit paranoid I suppose. So anyway, I’m sorry that I didn’t try to stop you, I do feel like this is partly my fault, so again, I’m really sorry that you experienced that.

So you’re right about not trying anything else new yet … not yet. Are you eating commercial yogurt or are you making it yourself? If you’re making it yourself, regular commercial yogurt could be one of the first things to try. Yes I know, god what a baby step! But it’s also a safe step. If you receive a reaction, it should at least be a really small one. Another thing is just a very small slice (maybe 3 bites) of a Granny Smith apple every other day until you’re sure you won’t receive a reaction. But again, not yet.

One more thing, Lucy, you’re not ‘stupid’ so I’d like for you to get that out of your mind now. Look at this as an experiment, and now you know the outcome – so all is not lost.

Take care, Able