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raster;32902 wrote: I think you are overdoing things because you are not going to get better faster by detoxing as much as you can. The more is not the merrier. Plan on a 6-18 month recovery timeline; detoxing in one day simply won’t cure your infestation.

I also do not understand why you are eating chococalate chip cookies if you are “cleansing” this seems completely ridiculous.

Throat soreness is tied to constipation per my naturopath, so basically what you are doing is constipating your body. The chocolate chip cookies are constipating you which is sandwiched by bentonite clay before and after its consumption. This basically is going to cause it to ferment in the gut and make you feel bad, because guess what, the cookies are going to stay in the body for a few days!

What I would do is start over completely and do not consume more bentonite clay. This may make you feel worse. I would try this out:

Constipating the cookies in the body could even give you flu like symptoms from my experience and make you sick, its going to feed the bugs and not the good bacteria. Fermenting of the food in the gut needs to be avoided at all costs.

I would get as much liver supplements as possible and this will help your body remove the toxins. Examples of liver supplements include milk thistle, chelated molybdenum, etc. If you get a cold, I would get more supplements such as echinacea, vitamin C, etc.

I wouldn’t look at it as die-off, more of a cause and effect of your actions.


Thank you for the information. I admit, I did overdo it. I’ve decided to take it easy now, by using diet and a probiotic. I am definitely too scared to use bentonite clay now, after all of the symptoms I got (and constipation). And no more cookies. They were deadly!