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The point of the diet and antifungals is to kill as much of the candida as possible. When you cheat or make a mistake, the candida feasts which strengthens them. Considering how short a time you’ve been on the diet, I would stay in stage 1 (not the cleanse, just without yogurt, kefir, products that contain sugar, buckwheat, etc.). Stay in stage 1 until your die off symptoms have decreased significantly. This means that the candida in your body have been weakened, many have died, and you have flushed many of the resulting toxins out.
Then move to stage 2 which still wants to keep candida albicans down, but seeks to restore gut flora (the ultimate goal) to normal levels.

PS: on a side note, does anybody know of a good canned soup I can eat on the diet?

Probably wont be able to find a good canned soup. One of the main challenges of the diet is almost everything you eat must be prepared by you (so you know what is in it), and most have to be prepared directly before eating. It can be a bit of a challenge, but as you go you’ll learn to plan ahead and have fun with it.