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dvjorge wrote: This is an excellent article pointing out the emergency of Fecal Transplants to cure illnesses related to gut microbiota disruption. I have been following this topic since 2009 considering it the real answer after my 2 months on antibiotics.
I don’t think a fecal transplant will cure an intestinal candidiasis because I have done 5 DIY fecal transplants already, but I seriously believe one time candida have been eradicated or lowered by a treatment, fecal transplants can give the last touch to recover the intestinal health, specially if you have taken antibiotics. I have delayed the transplants until my intestinal candidiasis be totally asymptomatic. Then, I will do a series of them using my daughter as a donor again.
The results after fecal transplantation have been awesome, and they have demonstrated the flora can be restored when current pharmaceutical probiotics have fault.

How is that done? I have never heard about it here in Sweden. Only that they do it for horses. I think if I go to the doctor asking for that he will roll his eyes again. He already thinks that I am a hypochondriac. How did you pulled that off?