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I’m kind of concerned though by the apparent LACK of die off effects I have…. Oh yeah, and I had a headache, like once. Is this a sign that I’m off track somehow?

You mentioned that you were taking Molybdenum; this could explain why you’re not receiving the die-off symptoms as its purpose is to prevent toxins from staying in the body and causing problems.

And there does seem to still be some yeast present “downstairs” though in VERY small amounts–so small that I’m not seeing much irritation (if any) and there is absolutely no itching or burning.

This could also be why you’re not experiencing die-off symptoms; maybe your infestation is coming close to its cure.

If it IS yeast, though…does that mean I’m overeating? The first week of the detox, I tried limiting my portions to one bowl or plate each meal, so as not to go over the daily sugar limit.

If you’re on the diet which is posted on the forum, and you’re not cheating, then you’re not eating too much sugar if your symptoms are not growing worse. But if your symptoms are staying the same, then don’t worry about sugar from the diet.

My lack of die off effects makes me think that maybe anti-fungals would be okay to start now, but then what am I doing wrong that I’d have to do that?

Nothing, it’s natural to have to start antifungals after the diet is started.

Is a small amount of visible candida still okay in the beginning of the treatment?

As simple as that question sounds, I don’t think I understand it. Are you asking if all of your symptoms are supposed to disappear during the cleanse part of the treatment?

As far as starting the actual diet goes–how should I go about it? My plan was to slowly reintroduce organic chicken with small portions, as well as fish, but spacing those out with vegetable-only days. Then, I was going to increase the portions of meat until chicken and fish were a regular part of my rotation. Two weeks after I end the detox (which should be this sunday) I was planning on re-introducing oat bran very slowly. After another two weeks (should everything go well), coconut bread. Then two weeks after that, maybe adding turkey to my rotation.

For an explanation of this, just read the forum’s protocol again, it’s all explained there.

Regarding reintroducing things: I know we have to reintroduce foods slowly, with a minimum two week period between each food, but what about probiotics? Can I introduce homemade kefir or a commercial probiotic at the same time as I introduce the oat bran? Or do I have to space those out as well?

You could introduce either the kefir or a probiotic at the same time as oat bran, but don’t introduce both kefir and the probiotic at the same time, wait two weeks between them if you’re going to have the kefir everyday, which you should do.

Last question–For Able: I know I won’t be able to start it right away, but what brand of chicory coffee do you drink? I want to add it to my amazon wish list!

I purchase mine from the Orleans Coffee Exchange but I didn’t see their coffee on amazon, but other brands will work, and I imagine that amazon carries a good 100% chicory coffee.