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Thanks for answering my questions, Able!

Able900 wrote:

Is a small amount of visible candida still okay in the beginning of the treatment?

As simple as that question sounds, I don’t think I understand it. Are you asking if all of your symptoms are supposed to disappear during the cleanse part of the treatment?

Yeah, that’s pretty much my question. I saw a bit more “yeast-like” symptoms today—burning, discharge, etc…though I have to say, it’s still fairly mild. I just wonder if, after 10 days of eating nothing but veggies and the occasional eggs, I’m supposed to already be clear by now? Has the candida just adapted to my new diet since there isn’t anything to suppress them (i.e. antifungals, probiotics…)?

I guess I just want to know if mild candida symptoms at this stage are normal, and not a sign that I’m somehow doing something wrong.