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I have done many water fasts and read a couple of books on the subject as well. Water fasting is an amazing way to cleanse the body and I believe it is natures intended way for us to purify our bodies. However, there is considerable debate regarding whether it could rid the body of candida overgrowth. Most experts claim a fast of 30-40 days would be required and of course even then you won’t be sure to get rid of it. Most experts recommend a supervised fast if you are fasting beyond a few days. There is one well known fasting clinic in California.

There is also the issue of leaky gut. As we all know where there is smoke there is fire. If you have candida, you have a leaky gut. There is also much debate about whether the body can heal a leaky guy on it’s own. So even if you manage to eradicate most of the candida, if your gut is not healed the problem will begin again. There is also debate about some good bacteria being lost during the fast as well.

I did fasts of 6, 10, 18 day and numerous single day fasts over the last 1.5 years. If you have done some research on the subject then you realize the tremendous healing that can take place during a water fast. When the body is freed of work of digestion it can devote all of it’s energy on healing. It takes roughly 50% o0f the bodies energy to digest a single meal. So there is undeniable repair of different problems within your body that occur during a fast.

There is also a new debate in the Autism community that many cases of Autism may be the result of mothers feeding their infants with baby formula’s made in factories rather than their own breast milk. Breast milk contains Colostrum which heals the lining of the stomach. So it is believed that when we are born our stomach linings are not fully healed and nature intended the mother’s milk to help it heal for us.

I brought this up because the concept is the same. Most of got into this mess putting things like pharmaceutical poisons in our bodies. Nature never intended for us this to occur. It may be possible that our bodies can’t heal the lining of our stomachs on it’s own. You may need the glutathione from food sources, supplements, colostrum, etc. The broad point is fasting is beneficial, but think of it as a tool. You will likely need other things to help you beat this battle.

Any fasting you can do is beneficial to the body and the digestion system. So it can rest and repair itself. Even just skipping one meal helps. Lately I have been skipping dinner every night. So essentially, I fast for about 18 hours every day. I take only supplements and water during this time.