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Jared wrote: Hi all,
* … getting rid of Candida completely… ?
* … 7 day fast ?

Hello, interesting questions, I strongly hope to soon answer positively to the 1st one (and I agree, I didn’t run across many people who manage to cure completely a full blown candidasis, may be because once it’s done they don’t bother with the forums?) and for the 2nd it depends on many factors :

* Is the candida able to feed in blood and tissues ? It got roots, so it’s probably able to get something from it so you are probably going to get hungry faster than it!
* A 7 days diet is certainly wreaking the immune system! No good!
* Candida like surfaces because it’s easier to feed there, it eats every-time you do and at the same time it’s easier to escape immunity because macrophages are not hunting into the mouth or the intestinal juice.

So we probably need to keep pushing on the 2 sides : external parts and roots! The problem is that protocols seem to be quite blurry. Also bacterial-antibiotics generate so many unbalance that re-balancing all that along with previous diet mistakes is fundamental, but on the hard medecine side, the idea to take a strong antifungal with even more side effect than the accused antibiotic is really frightening especially faced with physician who constantly minimize the risks.

By the way have you tried synthetical antifongics ?