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Faith wrote: Yikes! Hey now, no use fighting over little old me in the two horse town! 🙂

LOL Faith, I just now got back to see J’s post. “Get over yourself”? What is he, thirteen? Hilarious.

first thing on the label was Soybean oil. Which…I thought might be okay, then…I put them back and figured I’d look online to see if I could maybe find something better? Which is what I’m trying to do now.

If you find something better, that’s fine, but if not, that small amount of soy oil isn’t going to stop your treatment progress.

I do appreciate all the help! I seem to kind of be going down faster now. I am soooooooo tired, I could barely move yesterday, and this morning is even worse. I want to find the right stuff soon, so hopefully it will change.

I assume you’re still taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate at 750 to 1000 mcg a day if you need it? And are you drinking more water than you ever thought you could drink?