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Okay so I’m posting my UPDATE. It will be two weeks tomorrow.

Well, I’m doing…good I think?!

I started taking my SKG Kefir and drink about maybe a cup at meal time.

I also take two big spoons of C. Oil at every meal.

I doubled my probiotic one in the morning first thing, and one just before bed.

I noticed in the beginning I was getting slight headaches, not bad. I really wasn’t noticing any die-off other than that besides my bad eyes, and falling out hair.

Then about four days ago I got these…kinda looked like a bug bite on my legs…but they turned into blisters. Not bad, but itchy and not fun. I figured it was the oil. This was the same kind of die-off I was getting in the beginning, but THANKFULLY this time it’s not as bad at all! Actually, they are already starting to sort of go away and heal up.

I did get the right Moly shipped from CA for me. So I’m taking 150 3x’s a day. I think that’s helping, haven’t felt any weird side pain, so that is good.

BUT…what I’m really kinda sorta starting to worry about is my hair again! I know, I know, I must be vain! Or just super Princess about my hair!!! I’ve already cried to Able about it a million times and he graciously told me the whole candida “hair loss” thing which was nice and reassuring. BUT STILL…MY HAIR!!!! IT’S FALLING OUT LIKE CRAZY!!!! Ah…..really, how long is this going to be?! I’m not going to have any hair left!! Is there ANYthing else I could do?

The other pills look fine. Take E, A, and D after a meal that contains fat or oil; these are oil soluble vitamins which means oil should be present in order for them to break down and be absorbed by the body.

Okay, this is the only thing I didn’t start yet!!! Ahhhh, now Able…don’t roll those eyes!! 😉 My A pill is very strong, I only take 1/2 in the morning, if I take it 3x’s isn’t that too much? And most all my meals have oil, so should I really take the E & D too? Right now besides all my pills in the morning, after each meal I take 1 fish oil, vit. C, & Moly. That’s it.

Okay, tell me if this is wrong and that I’m not going to overdose by taking the others and I’ll start today! Esp. if it will help my Princess hair!! 😉 I felt bad for asking one more question of clarification that day, so I just dropped it. But, now I really do want to know if it’s okay to take that much A, E & D on top of what I take in the morning.

One more thing! I just wanted you to all know that I haven’t touched a fish or shrimp in almost two weeks! AND…can you believe it? I AM STILL ALIVE! Yes, as a matter of fact, this one spot on my back that is my “inflammation indicator” has all but disappeared!! Can you believe it?!! Aren’t you all so happy for me! 😉 Yes, I am so happy!! So even though I’ve been getting a little die-off in my skin, my other problem that was NEVER going away is almost gone!!!! Woo Hoo!!! God is good! 🙂

It had to be the fish and stuff! I was eating a little every day! So really I wasn’t giving my body a break from the stuff that the animal meat makes in your body which feeds the Candida (I forgot what you call it?).

I have been eating my 4-5 eggs a day and am doing okay. Not my favorite, but I’m happy to see some change. I’m still pretty tired. But, maybe as more time with the Kefir and C.Oil, it will get better?

So, that’s all I can think of for now. I guess maybe if I’m brave enough I’ll start taking my O. Oil too? Maybe a couple drops with my C. Oil?

Any help would be appreciated! As always, you guys are the best, and I am so very, very thankful for all your help! Man, where would I be?!!! God knows!! 🙂

Thanks everybody!