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Hello Faith,

Keep it up, I am glad to hear you are doing better. I am happy you got off western medicine. I will too someday (I take a sleeping medication).

It seems that a lot of your symptoms have cured, which is great news. You should be looking for stage 2 (or stage 3 on website) in the coming months. Beans, nuts, starch, etc. it’ll be much more tolerable!

As far as the hair loss; I will state it again that I think its due to demineralization or loss of trace minerals. A lot of people in western culture lose minerals due to candida and other causes. You need to take trace mineral supplements (magnesium, zinc, calcium, iodine, etc). to help reverse the loss. I personally take homeopathics which prevent the loss as well; its something I would look into when you are ready to try it out. I know they work because I started to grow my hair and nails much more rapidly!

I like how I can tell you are feeling a lot better based on your writing style and its nice to get to this point. Keep it up and you’ll feel better than in years!