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Psshh…I’ve at least counted two horses!!

Well, I guess I’ll keep taking my A until I find the other one.

I read that post by Javizy…th-hair-loss-a-lot.html and it said you’re supposed to be taking a lot of Magnesium? I’m taking one of those Cal, Mag. Zinc pills, is that not enough?

Calcium: 1000 mg or 100% daily value
Magnesium: 400 mg or 100$ daily value
Zinc: 15-25 mg or 100-167% daily value
These can usually be purchased together in one pill. Usually the amounts in one pill mean that you need 3-a day each one after a meal.

I know I already told you that my Biotin has Calcium in it too 66mg, and that if I take one of those and 3 of the other, it would be too much Cal. I know you said to get the pills separate. Well…next time! Can I take one Biotin and two CMZ? And should I find some magnesium powder somewhere and take that too?

(I’m really not trying to be that annoying girl who just can’t get it right, it just looks that way from where you’re sitting) 😉