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Seems like we have been on the protocol for the same amount of time. I agree with able and jav, you need the coconut oil. This was huge for me and Im sure it was for everyone else. I believe I even overdosed on coconut oil but luckily I did not have any severe reaction to it other than diarrhea which I dont get anymore. I actually dont get much of any die off at all at this point. The only thing Im stuck on is getting kefir on a constant basis and getting a bunch of supplements to heal leaky gut and other vitamins that I havent been taking. I had trouble with the damn kefir grains so now I am using body ecology starter kit. I think you should do the same. Its much easier to do. You definitely need to eat. Salad alone isnt going to give you the energy you need. Have you tried turkey or ground turkey. Chicken is sometimes tough on my digestive system but turkey is easier to work with. Good Luck and keep going, there are times where I feel like its been forever and I start to doubt myself but we cant stop til this problem is resolved.