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Long before I started the diet, I would have a reaction after eating greasy chicken (pretty much any chicken that was not purchased at Trader Joe’s, the free range organic one) and I would get cramps 15-20 minutes after eating it and end up with diarrhea. Never threw up or fainted, but after I would pass everything out I would be fine. Everyone kept convincing me that it could not be possible that I digested it so fast, but it ALWAYS happened after eating greasy chicken and it happened within 20 minutes after eating it. It happened at times with some combinations of my mixed salads, but I didn’t track down which combination did it (I used to throw in a lot of ingredients in my mixed salads so it was difficult to track down which ingredient was the key for this symptom).

I had a good digestion and could eat stones, never got gas from gassy foods such as cabbage or broccoli so this was something specific to whatever was in a store bought chicken. Since I switched to range free organic kind, I never had the reaction. If my husband purchased roasted chicken from Ralphs or similar, I knew I will run to the bathroom within 20 minutes and prepare myself for it…