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hi able, since january and before i noticed this forum i have tried to improve my diet as to the junk i used to eat and have seen some good improvements… i dont eat white bread or cheese and cut out lots of sugar foods cakes pastries ect…

if i was to take a standard day, i would get up have some cereal like weetabix no sugar added for a main dinner fish or chicken with lots of veg.. carrots peas brocoli sweet potatoes ect

then for supper most nights i now have salad use beetroot, red cabbage, onion, lettuce, spinich, tunna/salon or ham.. cress eggs
if i don’t have salad may be something like boiled eggs with beans or spagetti

ok my diet probably not great and could change some foods, but my body so sensitive to what i eat and to food changes/ supplements ect… i take revenol as a basic supplement which before i did i was not even functioning i was so ill i just shuting myself away and really down… i added candigest to help with the die off if die off? as i heard it was good for this and has really helped with my digestion.. i have also now been able to do small amounts of cardio exercise everyday.. but still can’t get myself 100%

may be i am still doing things wrong, remember when i joined i did say i was originaly diagnosed with fibromyalgia which say can’t be cured, only when i went to see a nutritionist did they say i have candida ?

i did try to add fresh garlic to my diet, but the stuff bloody stinks so may be need to try diffrent antifungal but you said some of the ingredience in revenol, i.e tumeric, grape seed, pine bark, certain vits.. were antifungal