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I assume the reason you don’t advise to take antifungals right away is #1 they won’t do very much because the yeast is still at its strongest and they need to be weakened before antifungals can do their job and #2 You advise waiting 2 weeks of the candida diet for some of the die off to naturally occur on its own thus not over stressing your body and alleviating some of the harsh die off.

You’re exactly right; and you’re a perfect example of what can happen when you start something too early on the protocol.

Read this post on curbing the effect of the die-off toxins. Die-off Toxin Effect.

You can of course add Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate to your regimen right away if it’s available for you to purchase. If you can obtain the Molybdenum, you should take it for another week while you’re on the strict diet.

The die-off toxins are causing your constipation, and you need to do everything you can to stop the constipation because the toxins need to be out of your body, and this is not allowing that to occur naturally. Please read this post:
Constipation Remedies

According to your diet, you may find that the ‘stricter’ diet is of more benefit. There is a diet which most members are using but it isn’t on the forum. If you’d like to have this diet, just let me know and I’ll send the link in a private message to your inbox.