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shayfo;43399 wrote:

The thing that scares me the most is there seems to be more people battling the disease than people who have fully gotten over it. But maybe that’s because when people get over it, they move on with their lives and coming back and discussing it online just brings back painful memories. That makes me very thankful that Able and others are dedicating their time to helping us. Also its much appreciative to the people who are at different stages sharing their experience.

I still feel like I’m at the bottom of the mountain with no end in sight. I need to convince myself that things are getting better. I do feel like crap throughout the entire day but at least I am not getting severe headaches after eating anymore. Probably because I’ve cut out 99 percent of sugar in my diet but still. Good indication that I’m on the right track at least.

Most people who stick around the forum do so because they’re still struggling. I personally am symptom-free at slightly over five months on Able’s strict diet and (most of) his protocol, and I am now sloooooowly reintroducing foods. I actually ditched the forum for the better part of the last two months, because it’s easy for me to get sucked into endless hours on the Internet, but I’ve been coming back to write periodic updates of my progress and to skim what people are discussing. I suppose it would be more encouraging if people who are doing well posted more often. It’s easy to only discuss the unpleasant, you know?

The first month or two of the treatment is the most discouraging, in my opinion. Die-off sucks, and being tired sucks, and not seeing immediate results sucks. And changing your diet and lifestyle is hard! But if I can convince you of ANYTHING, I would choose this: don’t cheat! I think a lot of folks on the forum downplay the role of eating “cheat” foods in their struggles. This isn’t a weight-loss diet — you can’t eat “just one” bad meal a week and have the same progress. The candida doesn’t take a day off from trying to feed itself. I’ve been really steadfast in following the strict diet, and I think my results speak for themselves. I was a mess when I started the diet in December, and now I feel better than I have in my entire life. Everyone is different, of course, but I don’t believe I’m a fluke. Forum user alexalgebra started the diet on the same date as me, and has also been following things to the letter, and he’s had incredible progress, as well. (If anyone is interested, I will also point out that neither of us eats any meat at all.)

Good luck, Smitty! Don’t cheat, practice acceptance for where you are at any given moment, and cultivate patience for your body’s processes.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It really did lift my spirits. I can handle this taking 3-5 months if it is a life changing experience and I end up feeling better than I ever have. I cannot lie. I haven’t been the most healthy person. I was eating a lot of garbage sweets/fast food/ and drinking time to time. I convinced myself that exercising regularly was enough to counteract this but that was very naive of me. I was doing lots of damage to my insides obviously.

I’ve already noticed in the past 2 weeks that I am dropping a lot of excess fat that I have had for a long time with my strict diet of salads and eggs.

If I make it through this, I will be turned into a health freak after this because the fear of going back to where I am now will be enough to keep me driving past that fast food restaurant again and again.