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shayfo;43431 wrote: You can have lots of die-off just from depriving the candida of its favorite foods, so I would definitely wait on the antifungals until you get your molybdenum.

My die-off seemed worse the longer I was awake, as I recall. Luckily for me, I have an on-call contract job, so I had lots of time to lie in bed during the worst of things. I took naps whenever possible and always seemed tired anyway. A lot of my die-off was brain fog and dizziness, as well as a few days of flu-like symptoms and some anxiety. Some aches, but it’s hard to say what was all the sleeping/loafing and what was die-off.

You can try taking vitamin C, too, like 3000mg/day.

I’m lucky enough to only be working one day a week because I am currently in University but I don’t even know if I can handle that right now and because I’ve used so many sick days since April when this all first started, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep my job at all. But my health is what’s most important. I’m going to judge how I feel tomorrow and make a decision and either tough it out Friday or go in and be honest with them and tell them I may need 1 to 2 months off. It really sucks. I’m hoping the MolyB will help but if I’m feeling this badly just cause of the diet, it scares me to think how bad it will be when I’m on full fledged antifungals.

Thanks for sharing your experience about how your die off symptoms also got worse as the day went along. That makes me feel better.

I realized I’m also experiencing heart palpitations too once in a while. Lovely.

The hell just keeps on giving lol. But I’m determined to beat this.