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shayfo;43649 wrote: A rollercoaster is a good analogy for the first month or two of the treatment, in my opinion. From what I’ve experienced and read, it’s pretty common to have intense die-off for a few months. It takes a long time to kill everything off.

And it’ll get better and worse, better and worse, and eventually better. I would have days where I was feeling pretty good followed by days when all I could do well was sleep and stare at walls.

Hey shayfo. Wanted to ask you a question. Did you ever get the swollen lymph nodes in your neck and what exactly did it feel like? I have tightness on the sides of my throat, kind of surrounding where my adams apple is. I’m not sure if this is swollen nodes or just tight muscles. It seems to get worse after I take my antifungals but that could happen for muscles or nodes I guess.

As for everything else, my sinus pressure is 80 percent better thanks tot he molybdenum. I still get mild to average dizziness, almost like a vertigo. But I am improving. From where I was 7 days ago, it is a pretty drastic improvement. Throat is still pretty bad though and thrush seems to be getting pretty ticked off lately but I hear it’s one of the last things to go…. lovely lol

For anybody attempting this without molybdenum…… you’re one crazy sob. lol.