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i was exposed to black mold for 2 years (out of work as well) right before i got candida… you are better off living in a ditch than living in that house, trust me. The longer you stay the more mold spores will go into your bloodstream, and it will destroy your short term memory, at least it did to mine. I was having breathing problems as well. Now im allergic to wheat, dairy, and eggs… i might have been slightly allergic to it before but i ate it my whole life and didnt have any allergies until i lived in that house. I noticed my heart started having really bad pains as well until my body was able to get rid of some of the fungus. I noticed that i started to get very suicidal for no reason at all in that house, not cool at all… then when i moved out i started to feel much better.

But the weird thing is my gf didnt have any reaction to it all, even though she always has eaten alot more sugar than me. I think it has alot to do with allergies… maybe a mold allergy or something?