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Hello, Kate.
One of the other experts, Jackie2, contacted me asking for my help with your daughter’s treatment.

You should have your daughter avoid all simple carbohydrates including fruits, carrots, potatoes, green peas and wheat products. All of these foods will feed the Candida allowing them to continually grow and multiply. There are plenty of other vegetables to feed her. I have another diet which the forum member use which contains a lot of suggestions for vegetables. If you would like to have this diet, please let me know. Also, if she will eat eggs, purchase organic eggs and allow her to have as many as she will eat during a day. Chicken and fish once a day are acceptable, but please try to avoid beef as it will only create more toxins in addition to the toxins that the Candida are creating for her body to deal with. You can make oat bran bread for her to eat which is very filling and nutritious. The recipe is on this link.
Bread Recipes

Instead of giving her raw vegetables, you should steam-cook all veggies.

If you give your child the Nystatin and also SF-722 you’re going to make her sicker than she is now unless you first take precautions against the die-off toxins that well be created by the dying Candida. The toxins are called aldehydes and can make even a grownup so sick as to be bedridden for several days. Please find a product called Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate and give her the children’s dosage (below). Do this for three days prior to giving her the supplements or even starting the diet. Give her as much water as she will drink to help wash the toxins from her body, and whatever happens, please do not allow her to become constipated during the treatment. If you have to use a child’s laxative, please do this before allowing constipation to be a problem. Being constipated will only allow the dying Candida and the toxins to remain in the child’s body making her very ill.
Personally, if this were my child, I would purchase virgin coconut oil and use this on a daily basis. Start with ½ of a teaspoon and add ¼ teaspoon daily until you reach three teaspoons a day. Do this only after you have had her taking the Molybdenum for three full days. Allow her to remain on that dosage for about six weeks to prevent any access illness from the poisons.
Directions: “Children 4-11: Take 1 drop per year of age 3 times daily.”
This is the link to the product:

I would also purchase Nettle leaf tea for her to drink daily. You can use pure Stevia as a sweetener for Nettle Leaf tea, lemon juice, and unsweetened Greek yogurt during the treatment. If she will drink kefir, this would benefit her greatly, in fact more than just about anything else you can give her. It’s simple to make, and you can make it right in your home.

You should be giving her the full dose of the probiotic; in fact, considering how long she’s been on this, I would increase the amount by half. Do not give her the probiotics right before or after a meal. She should take them on an empty stomach with water.

I would also give her 500 mg of vitamin C five times a day.

Before making any decisions about her treatment on your own, please ask the forum first. All of the experts will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.