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Kate, have you actually given your daughter pure, organic and virgin coconut oil; specifically a brand like Tropical Traditions? If you have, and your daughter still experienced an allergic reaction, please describe her reactions. If you have not given her coconut oil, please describe her reactions to coconut meat.

All I can do is tell you what I know that I would do in your position, and I know that I would give my daughter high counts of quality probiotics containing the DDS-1 strain; I would alternate this with high counts of a human origin probiotic (HMF Neuro Probiotics by Genestra).
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I would also try my best to have her drink homemade kefir on a daily basis. Not only will this add more beneficial bacteria to her digestive tract destroying the Candida, but it would also be very soothing to her throat and mouth and would help in healing her leaky gut.

In addition, I would test the virgin coconut oil every few days with at least 1/8 of a teaspoon until she could tolerate that amount, then I would gradually increase it by 1/8 teaspoon every three days. This is also a great aid in healing both leaky gut syndrome and a Candida albicans overgrowth.

I have read your posts on the forum as well as all seven of the posts to which you linked. I understand that your daughter has extreme circumstances as far as the allergies are concerned, but I have spoken with many others who have treated their infestation while suffering with extreme leaky gut symptoms and allergies to almost everything they tried to eat. In the past several years I have seen many of these people improve drastically after following a proper protocol such as the one I’ve described above. The diet isn’t going to heal the girl’s infestation as it’s only meant to avoid prolonging the treatment by supplying additional foods to the Candida. Allow your daughter to eat all she wants of the healthy foods to which she does not react such as the green beans and broccoli (which I’m sure you’re already doing). I can’t tell you what to feed her, I can only give you lots of suggestions of some food items you may not have tried yet such as rutabaga (for example); that’s why I asked if you would like to have the other diet which many others used with success.

I also understand about corn and the fact that it’s in a lot of supplements; as you already know, this only means that your job is made more difficult by having to search out the supplements which are corn-free. Right off hand I know of two brands which make corn-free vitamin supplements but there are probably others. NOW Foods and Nutribiotic are two brands that I’m aware of.

Is she now able to tolerate the Kombucha and Eden’s sauerkraut that you mentioned in the other posts? If so, I would definitely continue these.

Try to keep in mind that the allergies and leaky gut are secondary to the Candida albicans infestation, and the leaky gut and allergies will not completely heal until the infestation has greatly diminished; this is why curing the infestation is more important at this point.